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Hi, I am new to the said site DownloadCamp.com, it popped up a windows saying i need to update something so that i watch the provided video medias? trust DownloadCamp.com or remove it?

2014-04-02 02:09:03 / by William Turner / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi,   I have a pup named Savings Avenger which refused to uninstall from my programs list -- it said some components had become corrupt. help? tia!

2014-04-01 02:10:57 / by Joe Dewald / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello, I got the mentioned malware Windows Web Watchdog, it kept popping fake alerts, my CA virus scanner has been disabled completely. help?

2014-03-31 02:04:32 / by Christy Lotz / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, Microsoft's MSE found the said PUP.Optional.MagnetDownloader.A, but it cannot help me remove it from my computer. any other suggestions? tia!

2014-03-28 01:59:26 / by Linda Chandler / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, I just cannot stop Coupon Clipster's pup-ups, I CANNOT remove it from the programs list. either - I did not see it there. help?

2014-03-27 01:36:04 / by David Sewell / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi,   I accidentally visited the said site and then my homepage was changed to the NewHDPlugin.net. Now I cannot restore my browser settings, please help me remove NewHDPlugin.net thx!

2014-03-26 01:53:46 / by Lisa Barnes / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, the installed Microsoft Security Essentials has detected the potential risk spylookoutapp but it cannot remove it from my ie. help? thank you!

2014-03-25 02:33:01 / by Mary Marin / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello, anyone can help me remove the said Windows Antivirus Patrol as this rogue has locked up my system completely, popping out non-stop fakealerts... tia!

2014-03-24 01:46:54 / by Stephen Glaze / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hey all, I got the said CryptoDefense on my Windows, my norton internet security has been disabled. Then how to remove CryptoDefense from my PC? thx for your help!

2014-03-21 02:25:03 / by Daniel Gullette / Unresolved / 1 Response

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