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Virus/Malware Issues

Hey all, I got the said CryptoDefense on my Windows, my norton internet security has been disabled. Then how to remove CryptoDefense from my PC? thx for your help!

2014-03-21 02:25:03 / by Daniel Gullette / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, my internet life has been badly ruined by the said lpcloudbox404.com. any tips to thoroughly remove lpcloudbox404.com? tia!

2014-03-20 02:19:25 / by Brett Burr / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, as the title told you guys there, how can i remove Feed.helperbar.com from my computer? tia!

2014-03-19 01:51:03 / by Adrian Greene / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello, I get an annoying site hijacker Isearch.babylon.com when installing an app. the site did not show up in the programs list. then how can i remove Isearch.babylon.com? thx!

2014-03-18 01:44:34 / by Joseph Williams / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi all, The installed MSE found a virus, named "Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W"; i fellow its onscreen info to remove that virus then reboot. And then my MSE told me that it detected that virus again. how can i permanently remove Virus:DOS/Rovnix.W? thx!

2014-03-17 01:37:53 / by Mittie McKinley / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello, please help... I wanna get rid of Static.webimpresion.com. my mse did not work... tia!

2014-03-14 03:04:10 / by Helen Wong / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, i got this frustating Cyber Unit of the Government malware by clicking an online ad, anything can i do before restoing or reinstalling my system as i have many important files on drive c. plz help... tia!

2014-03-13 01:18:06 / by Linda Butcher / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hey all, new here. could ya please help me remove the Windows Security Booster? the Booster locked up my computer completely, i can do little, only clicking its non-stop fake alerts... thx for your kind help!

2014-03-12 02:33:16 / by Lucius Bennett / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi, as the title described, how to get rid of or remove Police Department University of California? I wanna get my desktop back as the CA page has locked up my computer. I can do nothing now! plz help... thx!

2014-03-11 02:21:46 / by Howard Perez / Unresolved / 1 Response

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