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Hello,   New here. So... i accidentally installed all of the provided optional iobit's apps like the spigot's toolbar! Now that bar held my firefox, how to completely get rid of those crapware?!   PLease help! thank you in advance!

2013-11-12 04:03:06 / by Eric Markley / Unresolved / 1 Response

I got a error message of missing dll file:"The program can't start because MSVCR70D.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I'm running an Acer Apire i3 Windows 7 64bitI got this message when I try to launch Consolidator.Any help would be appreciated.

2013-11-11 08:30:44 / by Arthur J / Unresolved / 1 Response

hello there,   I am using an old version of KIS, it is 2011, I met an error during the overinstall procedure. Now, the new KIS installer tells me I must uninstall the previous copy of it then retry the install!   How to work around this KIS install/uninstall problem? Thx!

2013-11-08 15:15:22 / by Myrna Cruz / Unresolved / 1 Response

i uninstalled a program on my laptop. but i still can find it after restart the computer. what's wrong with it? is that program a virus?

2013-11-08 09:55:52 / by bin ciara / Unresolved / 1 Response

I was always informed to use some soft of registry program to fix or speed up my computer, is registry cleaner program really work? most of them are not freeware, I not sure whether I should paid for such programs. Any idea?

2013-11-08 07:55:56 / by Wesker Dean / Unresolved / 1 Response

I installed the said 2014 version of avast in my Win 8 system but now i wanna rid it of my programs list because the installed avast 2014 disabled lots of apps that came with the system. I met an error during the uninstall process. How to fix the error? thx in advance!

2013-11-07 14:07:54 / by Amos Schmidt / Unresolved / 3 Responses

How can I get rid of Panda Internet Security, I don't need this software it almost crash my system, but I failed to uninstall this thing by using its default uninstaller as I keep getting error message during the process

2013-11-07 07:21:58 / by hewolf duke / Answered / 2 Responses
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