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is there any kind of program that can help me check out and remove the duplicate songs on the computer?

2013-11-21 04:00:11 / by Melvin chill / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello there, I want to get rid of the expired Canvas 15 on my windows because i reuse the version 8 of it. I met an error, saying "some documents are running in background" when tried using Windows Unisntall to start the uninstall of Canvas. I had closed the client, logged on to my system as Admin. ANY OTHER TIPS to remove Canvas 15? thank you!  

2013-11-20 03:51:16 / by Kim Haire / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hey, Days ago I can not run the Virtual DJ on my window xp computer. I found no shortcut file to run it, it too disappeared from the "All Programs" list. I downloaded a new installer, but it tried to overwrite the previous settings data I saved. I have no clue how to backup those stuff. Then how can i force the problematic dj software to uninstall in the system? thank you in advance!

2013-11-19 03:35:43 / by Gregory Welch / Unresolved / 2 Responses

hey all, I installed the 32 bit version of WinRAR on my windows 7 computer. due to some unknown error, it now does not work for me, like zipping or unzipping files, Windows Uninstall utility can't process the uninstall either.. how can i do then? thx

2013-11-18 02:31:32 / by James Walker / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hi all, I installed the unwanted Hotspot Shield when I used Softpedia's downloader to save Nero Burning ROM 2014 15.0.24000. that HS software has ruined my internet connection. but now i can't uninstall Hotspot using control panel on my w7 system! help?!

2013-11-16 08:55:37 / by Helen Hafer / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hey, I accidentally installed lots of bloatware to my computer when I performed the install of Free YouTube Downloader. The trouble is I met an error saying "required resources are using by another program" when I tried using control panel to remove the Free YouTube Downloader!   any suggestion? thank you!

2013-11-15 06:56:47 / by Frank McGee Cadle / Unresolved / 1 Response

hello there, I accidentally installed YTD Video Downloader along with its sponsored bloatware. they now mess up my programs list. I met an error saying "invalid resources" while trying to uninstall 'em. how to completely remove YTD and its pups? thx

2013-11-14 05:03:51 / by Elliot Rodriquez / Unresolved / 1 Response

Hello all,   I tried the latest version of KMPlayer, guess what, it installed lots of crap software to my pc! When I tried using control panel to uninstall 'em, my system stuck! please help! thx!!!!

2013-11-13 07:20:33 / by Candice Cheek / Unresolved / 1 Response

a program disappears suddenly on my computer, what's wrong with it? i am definitely sure that i do not uninstall it

2013-11-12 07:43:46 / by jemerny brown / Unresolved / 2 Responses

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